Tethersonde Upgrade Instructions

SmartTether Software version 4.0

SmartTether version 4.0 has several advantages over previous versions.

  • Better RF noise immunity and data link integrity.
  • Systems are no longer limited to 6 flight modules.
  • Wind speed and direction are presented via wind barbs.
  • Module altitudes can be calculated dynamically based on sensor data.
  • Customers can write their own programs to grab data from the SmartTether software and process it in real time.
  • The user interface has been cleaned up.

Systems delivered after August 1, 2012 come with software version 4.0. For many other customers it is possible to upgrade. This version of the software requires flight module generation 5 firmware version 2.0 or later. Please read the following instructions carefully.

Upgrade instructions

  1. Make sure you gave generation 5 hardware. To do this, open the molded plastic flight module case. You should be able to find the text "p/n 146 rev A" on the back of the circuit board, which is facing up. If this text is not printed, your system is too old for this upgrade.
  2. Contact anasphere at support@anasphere.com to request the SmartTether generation 5 firmware version 2.0 hex file. You will not be able to upgrade without this file.
  3. Download and run the SmartTether bootloader installer STBL_Setup_V_1_3B.exe.
  4. Connect the serial adapter cable that came with your system to the white 3-pin connector on the back of the flight module circuit board. Connect this to a valid COM port on your computer.
  5. Run the bootloader program. Select File | Open from the menu and open the hex file you received from Anasphere.
  6. Type the name of your COM port in the COM port field. Valid port names in windows usually look like COM1 and COM3.
  7. Press the "Program" button. Turn on the flight module when the software asks you to.
  8. Wait for the status bar to reach 100%, indicating your new firmware is loaded. You may now power off your flight module and quit the bootloader program.
  9. Download and run the SmartTether installer program SmartTether_4_0_Beta_3_Setup.exe.
  10. Download and read the SmartTether Generation 5 Manual version 2.0

Base Station Settings Note

SmartTether generation 5 version 4.0 uses the same base station as previous versions. However, in order to improve data throughput, the software version 4.0 saves settings to the base station which are not compatible with previous software versions. If for any reason to have to run the same base station with older software you will need to restore the original settings. Download and run the legacy settings program installer. This will open up a console window and walk you through resetting your base station.