Radiosonde Resources



  • AnaSonde-3M Programmer (597 KB) May 22, 2008
    The AnaSonde-3M is fully customizable. Use this software to program your AnaSonde-3M with channel types, custom equations, custom call signs, etc.
  • SondeWorks version 1.1 (882 KB) May 21, 2008
    • Version 1.1 has been created to work with the AnaSonde-3M in radio transmission mode.
    • SondeWorks1 graphically displays data received from an AnaSonde in real time. The user can choose between 3 different graph types on the fly. Clicking on a graph or series definition allows the user to change parameters at any time.
    • Log files and graphs can be saved and reloaded later. Additionally, graphs can be printed or exported to image files. Log files and reports are tab-delimited, and are best viewed in a spreadsheet program.
    • SondeWorks1 integrates seamlessly with CwGet (required). AnaSonde models E and 3M are supported in both raw data and plain text formats.
  • SondeWorks - Educational (664 KB) July 23,2008
    • Sondeworks - Educational is a version of SondeWorks designed for students.
    • The user interface is simpler and easier to use.
    • Balloon altitude is calculated automatically.
    • No graphic ability is provided. Students will need to generate their own data graphs in a spreadsheet program or by hand.
    • Integrates seamlessly with CwGet (required).
  • CwGet (off-site link)
    This is the site where you can download CwGet, an exceptionally handy and easy-to-use program which automatically decodes Morse Code transmissions. This program can be used to decode the raw data transmissions from Morse Code AnaSondes. This program also seamlessly integrates with the Anasphere software for the Morse Code AnaSondes to yield final data values.