About Anasphere


Anasphere, Inc. was founded by Dr. John Bognar in 2002 to pursue the development of analytical and atmospheric instrumentation. By 2006, we had produced our first radiosondes, and in 2007 we released our first tethersonde, SmartTether. Today, Anasphere focuses on the production of tethersondes for boundary layer measurements and specialized add-on sensors for third-party radiosondes.

Our Staff

The expertise of our personnel encompasses a range of fields including analytical and atmospheric chemistry, meteorology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, and computer science.

Our Equipment and Resources

Anasphere is well equipped for both field and laboratory work. Anasphere has blimps, kites, and winches to support the operation of tethered profiling systems. Free-flying radiosondes and high-altitude driftsondes which deploy sensors from 100,000 feet are also in our inventory. In the laboratory, we have conventional and icing wind tunnels. The icing wind tunnels allow us to test sensors in realistic icing cloud conditions. We also have extensive wet-chemical laboratory equipment that supports the development of chemistry-based atmospheric sensors.

Where to Find Us

Anasphere Inc.
81 8th Street #1
Belgrade, Montana 59714

Phone: 406.595.3286
Email: info@anasphere.com