Anasphere, Inc.

Anasphere, Inc. produces tethersondes and add-on sensors for radiosondes for users in the atmospheric science, air quality, first responder, and educational fields.

Tethersonde module in flight
SLWC Sensor
Education & Outreach

Anasphere produces two tethersonde systems: SmartTether and LiteTether. SmartTether enables the user to work with any number of flight modules at altitudes up to several kilometers using only a single ground station connected to a PC. LiteTether is a highly portable solution which pairs a single flight module with an Android smart phone or tablet for soundings up to 150 meters. Both systems provide a full meteorological data set at 1 Hz and can accommodate the addition of third-party sensors.

Anasphere produces an add-on sensor for radiosondes that measures the supercooled liquid water content (SLWC) in clouds. This sensor supports the development of remote sensing SLWC measurement techniques and can also be used for operational soundings.

Our educational AnaSondes are simple and inexpensive digital radiosondes that gather atmospheric profiles for parameters such as temperature and pressure. When flown on a 3-ft. helium balloon, they can gather measurements up to approximately 35,000 feet!